Labor Costs:

Labor Rates and Availability:
In Pike County, labor is available and moderately priced for employers. Pike County does not seek minimum wage jobs but we support vigorously employers who bring jobs that provide competitive wages. To those employers, we can provide an excellent work force which is very productive and intelligent. It should be noted that some of our most skilled employees often travel outside of Pike County for employment and there is nothing they would like better than to work in Pike County and avoid the “commute.” Here is the actual “Average Weekly Wages” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the I Quarter of 2021:

US Labor Stats

Businesses Already in Pike County:

There are about 930 employers in Pike County (2019, latest data available as of November 10, 2021) in virtually all kinds of businesses ranging from CNC Manufacturing to companies to companies that sell research data to hospitality establishments. Additionally, there are over 4,100 non-Employee businesses that are also located within Pike County.  Here is a table of the businesses WITH EMPLOYEES that are listed by their industry:

Pike Data 11-15-21

We have wonderful secondary educational in Pike County. One of our schools has a top 5% ranking among all the secondary schools in the US. It has even been highlighted in the US News and World Report “Best Schools” report. Each of the three school systems within Pike County offers a unique learning experience ranging from Academics to Technology to a small school environment where every teacher knows every student. 26.8% of our population has a bachelor’s degree or higher educational attainment (at age 25 or older). We have a higher rate of high school graduates and those with some college and associates degrees than the average percentage of those in the US.  Here is some more interesting economic data about the people who live in Pike County, PA.

Hard Economic Facts from the American Community Survey about Pike County, PA:
Numbers of ten speak most clearly.  They are what they are.  The data listed below is from the American Community Survey (vintage 2019 which is the latest data available as of 11-17-21).  This data will tell you about income, commuters, travel time to work, types of workers in the Pike County labor force and even which industries where our residents work.   This data is very illuminating:

2019 Economic Data