Comprehensive Plan

2022 Comprehensive Plan Update

Pike County recently initiated an update to the existing plan.  Our consultant, Michael Baker Associates will be assisting us in this important effort.  Check back often as we add next steps in this project.

Please click the following link for a StoryMap of the project:

Community Collaboration Meetings
Community Collaboration meetings were held as follows:
Wed, August 16th | 6-8pm

East Stroudsburg High School North

Thurs, August 17th | 12-2pm
Wallenpaupack Area High School

Thurs, August 17th | 4-6pm
Delaware Valley High School

Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Imagine Pike 2035 Community Survey was officially launched at the Pike County Commissioners meeting. The survey is now closed.  Get the survey results here: 

2006 Pike County Comprehensive Plan
The existing 2006 Pike County Comprehensive Plan sets Countywide planning goals and priorities, develop partnerships, and enhances the quality of life for the residents of the County.

The Plan's Mission:

  • Manage growth and development pressures
  • Stimulate progressive planning and visionary thinking
  • Improve County-Municipal partnerships/cooperation
  • Identify infrastructure needs
  • Preserve sensitive lands/open space
  • Enhance local land use controls
  • Increase housing options
  • Enhance economic development
  • Enhance tourism opportunities
  • Improve on our quality of life

About Comprehensive Planning:

A Comprehensive Plan is a non-regulatory document that provides statistical information and existing conditions to support future goals of a county or municipality. It establishes a vision for future growth and development and provides an implementation strategy to reach that identified vision.

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) (Act 247 of 1968, PL 805 as amended) requires counties to create and adopt a plan and update the plan as needed every ten years. The Pike County Planning Commission and the Pike County Office of Community Planning developed the first plan in 1993 and recently developed and adopted an extensive update to the County's plan in 2006. The plan is prepared with a broad range of subjects including housing, land use, economic development, transportation, infrastructure, community facilities, scenic and natural resources, historical resources, open space, greenways and trail planning. The MPC also provides an opportunity to be proactive in identifying Conceptual Growth Areas (Chapter 5) and identifying opportunities for Multi-Municipal Partnerships (Chapter 11). This plan provides an invaluable tool for municipal and County officials to guide the overall development of the County. Specific planning goals and recommendations are outlined in Chapter 9 - Actions to Address Major Issues in the County

Many levels of government and numerous agencies are responsible for implementing the recommendations identified in the adopted Comprehensive Plan. Both the Planning Commission and the Office of Community Planning are ultimately responsible for the coordination of the implementation of the plan.