Open Space Plan

Pike County is currently in the process of updating its Open Space, Greenways, and Recreation Plan (OSGR). The OSGR plan creates a vision for the County for park and trail development, conservation, and the economic impact of recreation and open spaces.

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"Growing...Naturally" is a planning project partially funded through the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (DCNR). The Commonwealth ofOpenSpaceGreenwaysRecreationPlan_Cover Pennsylvania has an action plan entitled "Pennsylvania Greenways, An Action Plan for Creating Connections". Through this plan, the goal for every county in Pennsylvania to adopt a greenway plan by 2007 was set. DCNR promotes the development of "greenway plans" by county and local governments as an integral part of their planning efforts. The goal of these planning efforts is to link greenways, identify and implement programs that address "green infrastructure", and integrating these efforts with community revitalization and economic development.

The Pike County Open Space, Greenways, and Recreation Plan was adopted by the Pike County Board of Commissioners on August 27th, 2008 as an official component of the Pike County Comprehensive Plan.