Planning for the Future Map/Brochure (Mapchure)

The Pike County Planning for the Future full-color Map/Brochure (Mapchure) describes and depicting the benefits of best planning practices. The MapchureMapchure_Update contains a newly created map of existing residential developments of 15 lots or more in Pike County, PA.

The project entails educational materials and guides that assist in implementation of the Pike County Comprehensive Plan. The informational project supports the improved ability of municipal governmental in local land use planning; strives to protect the County's natural resources; identifies threats to the Upper Delaware Corridor and the County as a whole in regard to gas drilling operations, and assists in enhancing social and economic vitality of the County and the region.

The County of Pike printed 2,000 copies of the Mapchure in August 2011. The previously funded Upper Delaware Council Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) project was such an overwhelming success that this revised version was created to provide a long-requested analysis of residential developments and also contain an examination of gas drilling operations and potential impacts. The Mapchure was designed by the Pike County Office of Community Planning staff. The document will be used to promote the efforts of the County and the region in the implementation of the Pike County Comprehensive Plan and the Pike County Open Space, Greenways and Recreation Plan. It will also support the implementation of the goals as outlined in the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Final River Management Plan, Sawkill/Vandermark Rivers Conservation Plan, and other pertinent planning projects and data.

The product contains a full size GIS derived map of Pike County's existing residential developments dating back to the early 1900's. Pike County currently contains nearly 200 developments comprising some 54,000 lots or 80% of the lots within the county. The residential community topic is of such concern that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted 194-1 adopting a Resolution directing the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to conduct a study on the impact of residential developments, taxation, services and infrastructure needs. Our development of this data, in concert with the JSGC's study, will assure accurate background data exists to assist these communities. The map and supporting data contains the existing residential developments and their current number of lots, dwellings, and the existence of central water/sewage facilities. Open spaces and the road network will also be represented.

Please click the link for an electronic copy of the Mapchure in the Downloadable Documents section on the right side of this page. If you would like a copy of the printed version, please contact our office or visit your local municipal office, visitor center, or chamber of commerce. Supplies are limited.