Pike County Road Task Force


The Pike County Road Task Force (RTF) is organized as an appointed committee by the Commissioners of Pike County, for advice on highway and
Bridge matters as they affect Pike County.  The Task Force meets monthly to discuss transportation issues and address needs.  

The RTF is formed for the following purposes:
1.  To act as a referral group between the Pike County Board Commissioners and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for matters relating to highway/bridge needs of Pike County.

2.  To act as a conduit for citizen and business input, to and from PennDOT, on matters relating to highway/bridge needs and construction projects;

3.  To monitor, report and advise PennDOT on highway/bridge maintenance and conditions within Pike County.


Following the severe immobilizing snow storm of April 22-23, 1986, private citizens, local officials, and state officials believed a public meeting should be held in Pike County in order for all involved parties to present facts and air complaints. A public meeting was held on 12 June 1986, at which time representatives of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation gave a presentation on snow removal policy and practices. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to raise questions and air complaints regarding the April snow storm, and also regarding snow removal practices by PennDOT during the entire previous winter season. As a result of that public meeting, the Pike County Commissioners and PennDOT officials decided a "task force" should be formed to identify perceived problems with snow removal activities and to suggest solutions.