About the Office

Hours M-F 8:30 - 4:00
Phone 570-296-3408
Fax 570-296-3436
Internal Extension 1450
Address 506 Broad St. Milford, PA 
Director of Transportation Robert Ruiz


The Pike County Transportation Department, now located in Milford, is responsible for the transportation of Pike County residents under four programs. These programs are: Shared Ride, Medical Assistance Transportation Program, People with Disabilities, and General Public. For applications, questions, and general inquiries please contact the Transportation Office. The Director of Transportation, Robert Ruiz, can be contacted with concerns, problems, or comments. Input from the residents of Pike County is always appreciated, as we strive to serve the transportation needs of the fastest-growing county in Pennsylvania.

Shared Ride Program
This program allows Seniors of Pike County access to medical, financial, and social services. We service the three Senior Centers at Blooming Grove, Lackawaxen, and Bushkill. We also provide grocery shopping, banking, and post office needs on scheduled days. Drivers are courteous and considerate. (no tipping, please) There is a reduced fare required for Seniors, and age verification is required. All Seniors who are 65+ with proof of age are eligible to use this program.

Medical Assistance Transportation Program
This program allows medical assistance recipients, regardless of age, access to medical and pharmacy needs only. Reservations are required. The Transportation Department will assess the mode of transportation to be provided. Destinations must be to medical assistance providers only. No exceptions. Verification is required, and eligibility will be verified on a regular basis.

People With Disabilities
This program allows individuals 18-64 years of age access to the same services as the Shared Ride Program schedule. This includes social, employment, medical, and other services in Pike County. Disabilities may include physical, mental, or major life activities. Escorts are the sole responsibility of the client. No fare is required for escorts. Clients are responsible for their own fare.

General Public
All other transportation needs are considered general public and follow the same schedules listed in the other programs.

All inquiries regarding scheduling, applications, and eligibility must be made to the Transportation Office at (570) 296-3408 or 1-866-681-4947.

All transportation is shared and coordinated with others accessing the same areas. The Transportation Department reserves the right to suspend services to those individuals who do not comply with our policies and procedures. For a complete copy of our policies and procedures, please contact the Transportation Office.

The PA Department of Human Services has granted Pike County Transportation/ Pike County Human Services a waiver to the Paratransit One-Hour Rule cited in MATP S&G Rev. 11/2016 General Responsibilities § 14 (C) for out-of-county grouped trips. This waiver was granted indefinitely effective February 16, 2024. If you wish you to review this letter, please click here.