Pike passes AMERICA250PA Resolution becoming an official county partner

On July 4th, 2026, the United States will commemorate the 250th anniversary of its founding. 

In turn, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through bi-partisan efforts of the legislature and Governor, created The Pennsylvania Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial (America250PA) – consisting of current and past leaders of Pennsylvania, private citizens, and industry leaders.

As the cradle of democracy, Pennsylvania has the unique opportunity to showcase the Commonwealth’s rich history, innovative spirit and unique contributions to the United States. The visionary framework – especially the E.P.I.C themes to educate, preserve, innovate and celebrate - will allow America250PA to create an impactful and lasting legacy for future Pennsylvanians. 

The duty of the Commission is to engage #EveryPennsylvanian in #EveryCounty, as it strives to make the Semiquincentennial the largest and most inclusive commemoration in our Commonwealth’s history! At its full complement, the Commission will have one representative from each county serving on its County Advisory Committee.

Several counties, including Pike, have already adopted the America250PA resolution, becoming official county partners of America250PA. Pike County passed its America250PA resolution at the March 16, 2022, Commissioners Meeting.

In passing the resolution, the Commissioners established an America250PA County Commission. The Commission will be comprised of a diverse group of citizens to work with America250PA on commemorative activities within Pike County. The participants of the Pike County Commission are voluntary. If you are interested in joining the commission, please contact Pike County County Advisory Committee Member, Shannon DeVuyst at sdevuyst@pikepa.org or 570-296-9826.

Pennsylvania has been leading the nation with this initiative, as America250PA was named the first official state partner to the national organization, America250, in February 2021! And while America250PA has made tremendous progress since its launch in September 2019, early support is critical to the Commission's success in implementing meaningful programs, projects, and events throughout each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. 

Therefore, America250PA is encouraging Pennsylvanians to #JoinUs and #BecomeAPartOfHistory! 

Please visit our website for more information: America250PA.org 

Together, we can make 2026 EPIC!