Commissioners Endow Pike County Emergency Services Initiative (PCESI) Fund

The Pike County Emergency Services Initiative Fund, administered through the Greater Pike Community Foundation (GPCF), was created in 2019 by the Pike County Commissioners and Public Safety Department, with founding donations from the law firm of Weinstein, Zimmerman & Ohliger; William Lovejoy; and individuals who generously supported the NEPA Gives day of philanthropy. The mission of the fund is to provide adequate funding to qualified Pike County emergency services agencies and other nonprofit emergency response organizations to advance the cause of emergency medical services in the County through support of, and access to training programs.

Since its implementation, the fund has:

  • Saved local EMS agencies $35,260 in EMT course fees
  • Supported 5 classes at the Pike County Training Center with 1 ongoing
  • Produced 20 new EMTs from the Program, 17 of which are serving Pike County

Over the past few years, the Commissioners have been actively working toward expanding and improving both ambulance services and EMS, and Urgent Care Services within the County. In continuing this work, the Commissioners have decided to allocate $50,000.00 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to endow the PCESI fund with GPCF. Endowing the fund will ensure sustainability by creating a permanent income stream that will also facilitate fund growth.

Jennifer Hamill, GPCF Executive Director, was invited to attend the October 5, 2022, Commissioners Meeting to receive the endowment check from the Commissioners.

Tim Knapp, Emergency Management Agency Director, said, “We have worked hard to improve EMS in the County. To train people is a big process and we couldn’t do it without the Greater Pike Community Foundation and the Commissioners support. Thank you.”

Jennifer Hamill added, “I think the most important part is seeing all aspects of our community working together, residents, business owners and government officials working with Greater Pike to solve this problem. The temporary fund has been able to give over $35,000. The generous endowment from the County and the Commissioners is going to help make the fund a permanent one. It will grow over time and grow with the needs of the community and will be there for everybody. It is a huge step for the safety and welfare in Pike County.”

Commissioner Osterberg added, “The PCESI is a great program that we are pleased to support. We hope that other community members share our feelings about this being a great initiative and donate to help continue the progress towards creating a safer Pike County for our residents and visitors. We are asking the community to join us in a ‘Community Challenge,’ to match some of the funds to grow the principal. To kick off this Challenge, myself, Commissioners Schmalzle and Waldron, Solicitor Farley, and Chief Clerk Gromalski have donated $500 of our own funds to the PCESI.”

William Lovejoy also announced he will contribute an additional $2,500 to the PCESI Fund.

Donations to the fund can be made online at or checks can be made payable to GPCF/PCESI and mailed to P.O. Box 992, Milford, PA 18337.

10-for-10 Initiative

In addition to the $50,000.00 endowment check, the PCESI fund was chosen as one of the GPCF’s 10-for-10 Initiative recipients, which was announced at its Annual Dinner on October 6, 2022.

For GPCF’s 10-year anniversary of providing an opportunity for generous individuals, families, and local businesses to maximize their charitable support through organized, targeted, long-term community philanthropy, GPCF is running a 10-for-10 promotion. GPCF is challenging up to 10 local non-profits to open an organizational endowment fund by the end of the year. The approved 10 funds will receive a one-time $1,000 gift in matching funds.

Photo ID: Commissioners Osterberg, Schmalzle and Waldron; GPCF Executive Director, Jennifer Hamill; GPCF Treasurer, Robert Martin; GPCF Chair, Gail Shuttleworth; and PCESI donor, William Lovejoy.