Residential Recycling Services Guide to Aid in Community Recycling

The Pike County Office of Community Planning recently released a Residential Recycling Services Guide to communicate the environmental benefits of recycling, while providing accurate information regarding recycling programs available in Pike County. Despite having numerous programs, it is estimated that only “20% of solid waste generated in the County is recycled.” The goal of the resource guide is to provide educational information to aid residents in making informed decisions regarding recycling habits.

The recycling guide focuses on educating residents and businesses “on cost-effective and sustainable solutions for managing the waste they generate” by including in-depth infographics depicting recycling dos and don’ts, the best practices for recycling, and helpful tips for waste reduction. The guide also provides a list of public recycling and yard waste services organized by municipality, along with contact information, and program details. A table containing information on private recycling services for Pike County residents and businesses is also included.

Visit to access the full Pike County Residential Recycling Services Guide under the Frequently Requested heading.