Pike County EMS Matching Grant Program - A Sustainable Funding Source Delivering Results

Pike County EMS Matching Grant Program

A Sustainable Funding Source Delivering Results

The Pike County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Matching Grant Program was established as a permanent line item in the County’s 2022 budget to help municipalities improve access to Emergency Medical Services.

The program doubles a municipality’s annual EMS contribution up to a maximum of 2 mils. On a countywide scale, 2 mils equate to approximately $2.2 million. Combined with municipal funding, the County’s Matching Grant Program has created approximately 4.4 million for EMS in Pike County this year.

“Commissioners Schmalzle, Waldron and I are committed to continuing the EMS Matching Grant Program by maintaining it as a line item in the annual County Budget,” said Commissioner Chairman Matthew Osterberg. “Municipal leaders can count on this stable funding source to annually support local Emergency Medical Services.”

Pike County’s draft 2023 budget, which will be available for review in the coming weeks, is slated to include a $2.1 million allocation to match municipal EMS contributions next year.

In June, Pike County Office of Emergency Management Director Tim Knapp attended a Commissioners meeting to provide an update on the EMS Matching Grant Program. Knapp reported that 12 of Pike County’s 13 municipalities are participating in the program, which has resulted in improvements including longer operating hours; expanded services; the purchase of new transport units; the addition of stations; and most noteworthy, an overall reduction in emergency response time. Knapp’s complete mid-year report is available to view on the County YouTube channel.

“We are proud of all that has been accomplished through Pike County’s EMS Matching Grant Program, and this Board of Commissioners is dedicated to ensuring its longevity,” added Osterberg.