Pike County Transportation Rider Appreciation Week

Pike County Transportation is proud to announce Rider Appreciation Week, taking place from May 8th to May 12th. This event is a special opportunity for us to express our gratitude to our riders, who play an important role in making our Shared Ride program a vital part of our community.

Our Shared Ride program is designed to connect residents of Pike County with critical services such as healthcare, employment, and education. Without reliable transportation, many people in our community would struggle to access these essential resources.

To show our appreciation for our riders, we will be hosting a variety of events throughout the week. On Monday, we will have a Ride along with selected Pike County Commissioners to showcase the importance of our transportation services in the community.

Tuesday will feature a Ride along with Executive Director of Human Services, Robb Ruiz. This is a great opportunity for riders to learn more about how our transportation services support access to essential resources in our community.

Wednesday is a very special day, as we will be offering free rides on all in-county transportation as part of our free ride Wednesday event. This is a way to say thank you to our riders for their loyalty and support.

On Thursday, we will be hosting a small giveaway on selected routes, to thank riders for their continued support of our Shared Ride program.

Finally, on Friday, we will kick off our Rider survey to gather valuable feedback from our riders about their experiences with our transportation services. This feedback is essential in helping us to continue to improve and better serve our community.

Rider Appreciation Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the importance of our Shared Ride program in connecting Pike County residents with critical resources. We are grateful for the support of our riders and the community, and look forward to continuing to serve and support the needs of our community.

Contact Pike County Transportation at (570) 296-3408 or (866) 681-4947 to schedule a ride.