Commissioners Appoint Pike Medical Foundation Board of Directors

“The time for action is now,” is the takeaway message from the Pike Medical Foundation of Greater Pike Community Foundation Launch Event held at the Tom Quick Inn on June 7, 2023. The Pike County Commissioners, Greater Pike Community Foundation Board, and the Pike Medical Foundation Board gathered to discuss the Foundation’s trajectory.

The Pike Medical Foundation Fund of Greater Pike Community Foundation was created by Pike County Commissioners Matthew Osterberg, Ronald Schmalzle, and Tony Waldron to raise and distribute funds to support, sustain and enhance existing and future medical services within Pike County.

“We are very appreciative that everyone we contacted to serve on the Board was excited to be involved. The Pike Medical Foundation of Greater Pike Community Foundation was established to build a legacy. We are confident that by all of us working together, we can bring this dream to reality,” said Pike County Commissioner Chairman Matthew Osterberg.

A board comprised of the three Commissioners, as well as community leaders from various industry backgrounds, was established to determine eligibility of applicants and will ultimately be responsible for the allocation of funds. The individuals chosen to serve on the Pike Medical Foundation Board are as follows:

  • Mickey Black
  • Michael Geitz
  • Justin Genzlinger
  • Charles Gillinder
  • Jennifer Hamill
  • Pete Helms
  • Bob Keisendahl
  • Ken Klipstein
  • David Lender
  • William Lovejoy
  • Jim Pedranti
  • Bill Rosado
  • Jessica Zufall

The Commissioners allocated $2 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to establish the Foundation Fund through Greater Pike Community Foundation, creating financial stability for a sustainable initiative that can address the growing medical needs of the region into the future.

“Greater Pike is proud to partner with the Pike County Commissioners in establishing the Pike Medical Foundation Fund. This unique collaboration between a government agency and a nonprofit Foundation is a bold way to maximize and leverage resources while serving the community to address one of its most urgent and pressing needs, today and into the future,” said Gail Shuttleworth, Board Chair of Greater Pike Community Foundation.

Commissioner Schmalzle added, “Establishing the Pike Medical Fund sets Pike apart from other counties, but we have a strong consensus that improving access to quality medical services is extremely important to our residents and visitors. We have stepped out of our comfort zones on a number of occasions to move our priorities forward and will continue to do so. We are very pleased the Greater Pike Community Foundation and the members of the Pike Medical Foundation Board are willing to continue this journey with us.”

“In recent years, the County had invested and committed nearly $5 million toward the improvement of county medical services. We felt the logical next step was to create this fund,” said Commissioner Waldron.

In addition to the financial allocation, the Commissioners have also committed to donate land located off Route 739 in Blooming Grove Township, to a provider willing to construct a 24/7 medical facility.

Commissioner Osterberg urged, “We need these services. We cannot wait for Washington or Harrisburg. It must be the county and the community working together to deliver results. If anyone is going to help create medical services in Pike County, it is Pike County.”

Donations to the Pike Medical Foundation Fund can be made online or by check. Online donations can be made by visiting, and selecting the Fund. Donations by check should be made payable to GPCF-Pike Medical Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 992, Milford, PA 18337.

Photo ID: - Pike County Commissioners Ronald Schmalzle and Tony Waldron; Pike Medical Foundation Board Members Michael Geitz and Justin Genzlinger; Pike County Commissioner Matthew Osterberg; Pike Medical Foundation Board Members Ken Klipstein, David Lender, and William Lovejoy (back); Jill Gamboni (front), Field Representative for Rep. Joseph Adams; Pike Medical Foundation Board Members Jim Pedranti, Jenni Hamill, Bob Keisendahl, Bill Rosado, Jessica Zufall, and Pete Helms; Cheryl Glenn, Constituent Service Advisor, Rep. Tarah Probst; and Pike Medical Foundation Board Members Charles Gillinder.